Screen Repair

We know screens

Don't let dirty or broken screens ruin your view through clean windows. Our guys will shine them up like new again. Have broken or damaged screens? Let us fix them for you. Call or message now for details. My-T-Brite is your #1 choice for screen repair services in Eastern Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Keep bugs out

Your window and door screens provide protection from bugs, leaves and more while still letting fresh air into your home. When your screens are damaged or don’t fit well, you may have to choose between enjoying those summer breezes or enjoying an insect-free interior. Thankfully, most screen repairs are straightforward and affordable, meaning you can get back to having the best of both worlds with minimal wait and expense. An experienced pro can make quick work of repairing or replacing screen frames and hardware or patching and installing screen fabric. While you’re at it, consider upgrading to a screen material that is a better fit for your needs such as metal, pet-proof or solar mesh, depending on whether you need more protection from the family cat or the sun’s UV rays.